About the Book

A story of God’s faithfulness

christian marriage booksWritten from Colleen’s perspective with revealing insights from Chris, IT’S HIS SHOW chronicles with painful honesty and wry humor the path that led the McKains to the darkest period of their lives, and the amazing and majestic power of God that brought them through it–together.

This christian marriage book is a captivating and intense read, intertwined with a powerful message of hope. Regardless of where you are in your marriage, IT’S HIS SHOW may just reveal to you some truths about your own foundation, or point you in the direction of health, of restoration, of the fullness and richness everyone hopes for in their relationship, not just with each other, but with God Himself.

After the release of IT’S HIS SHOW, it became evident that a Study Guide would be a benefit to individuals, couples, and groups, so the IT’S HIS SHOW STUDY GUIDE was born. In this Guide, you will find probing questions coupled with applicable scripture which will guide you on a path to deeper reflection and soul-searching, and perhaps, a healthier you and stronger relationships.

Through the up-and-down journey of their marriage, Chris and Colleen McKain have learned to trust God more fully. It is their desire that God would use their faith and failures to point others to the One True God who is always faithful and never fails. After all, IT’S HIS SHOW!

IT’S HIS SHOW, IT’S HIS SHOW STUDY GUIDE, and many other encouraging Christian Marriage Books are available at fine retailers everywhere. Click here to purchase IT’S HIS SHOW.